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Red Cross CNA Program

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) means taking on a job where you help take care of the basic needs of elderly patients, and special needs patients at hospitals, nursing facilities, and in private homes. There are several ways to get the required training to become a CNA, and one of these is the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is a program that gives help to people in need in many sorts of situations. They also offer CNA training programs and certification tests that are nationally recognized all over the United States.  The Red Cross CNA training program can be found in several states and each program is designed around the required regulations for that particular state.

CNA Red Cross Training Requires Hard Work

The CNA course takes six to 12 weeks of study to complete in both hands on and classroom studies. To successfully finish the class you will need to complete both classroom and skill sessions, and pass the knowledge and skill evaluations.  The training will teach you about nutrition, infection control and human physiology.  It will also provide students the clinical and practical experience they need to give their patients the required critical care they need.

Training through the Red Cross means undergoing a lot of arduous activities and students should be sure they are capable of performing these sorts of tasks.

The minimum requirements for applying for Red Cross CNA classes are as follows:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Applicant cannot be pregnant.
  • No felony for last seven years.
  • Can’t have any infectious diseases.
  • Must pay a $35 non refundable screening

After you are accepted and enrolled in the Red Cross CNA training, you have to follow these requirements:

  • Don’t be late for classes.
  • Can miss only six hours or less of the classes.
  • You must pass the certification final exam with a minimum score of 80 percent.

Once a student has passed the classes and certification test, they will be qualified to take a job as a CNA in the state in which you took the courses.

You can find more information on Red Cross CNA courses at your local Red Cross. Check with your local office to see if classes are available in your area.



  1. Val H. says:

    are there any other fee’s besides the $35 to give the cna test? The price seems low but again it is red cross. I was researching and most classes cost anywhere $250 to $1000 so $35 is extremely low.

  2. tammy mihalo says:

    im working as an hha right now. i am highly interested in becoming a cna. my name is Tammy. thank you

  3. brittany burks says:

    Can somebody from the can program please contact me because im intrested in the program

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