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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Schools in Memphis, TN

There are many schools to choose from if you want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in the city of Memphis, TN. You should be sure that the schools you want to enroll in are approved by the Tennessee Department of Health. The schools listed in this article are some schools that are qualified schools that you can enroll in for the CNA training course.

The BRIGES Certified Nursing Assistant Program is a post secondary training program which provides career skills training for the general public under the Work Bridge Program. The cost for the training is $2,100. If you need help with tuition, you could possibly obtain assistance if you go to the Memphis Area Career Center.

¨      BRIDGES

477 North Fifth Street Memphis, TN 38105

Telephone: (901) 452-5600

Concorde Career College has a six-month training course, and this course on-site hospitals, laboratories, and of course, regular classes. The curriculum that students will learn includes first-aid and emergency care, basic besides nursing, performing CPR, and common treatments for their patients. The students will also learn to perform nursing care before and after surgeries. Students graduating from this course will receive a diploma, and they then would be able to take the licensing exam for CNA administered by the state of Tennessee.

¨      Concorde Career College

5100 Poplar Avenue, Suite 132 Memphis, TN 38137

Telephone: (901) 761-9494

A 4-week, 85-hour long program, which students are taught the beginning basic nursing skills to become a CNA, is provided by Alpha Training Institute.

Even though some CNA programs vary on its time of course completion, the majority of CNA courses lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks. There are also some CNA refresher courses in Memphis that cost about $100 to $200. Also, if you need tuition assistance, there are plenty of CNA training programs in the Memphis area that offer financial aid or scholarships to help with the cost of the CNA certification and the course itself. There are also other community agencies, as well as the Human Services, which offer assistance to help you with the cost of CNA training course completion. There are even CNA employees that will help or pay all of your Nurse Assistant training or pay you (reimburse) after you completely finish this training.

There are many ways to achieve your CNA training schools in Memphis, TN, and this list will help you on your way on being the CNA you want to be. Check out these schools for yourself, and you can go on the path of being a CNA.


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