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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The certified nursing assistant (CNA) career is very productive and upcoming for high school graduates or people who want to change their career towards the healthcare field. The requirements a person needs to apply for their CNA license in the state of Wisconsin are somewhat minimal. You must be at least 18 years of age and pass a criminal background check before enrolling into a CNA class.

There are many locations you can enroll in when it comes to a CNA class in Milwaukee, WI. You must decide if you want to enroll in a CNA program that lets you choose your own employer after completing the program and receiving your CNA license, or you can enroll in a program that will hire you as soon as you’ve completed the program.

The many CNA programs in the Milwaukee area are listed in this article. If you want to find a relaxed, comfortable, and affordable CNA program, the Milwaukee Area Technical College is a great college to where you can choose your program. This program actually is quite the right choice if looking for higher education after high school and not spending much money at all. The cost for this program is right under $400. If you are looking for an affordable, yet rich experiencing CNA program, the program at Milwaukee Are Technical College is the CNA program you should enroll into this time.

• Milwaukee Area Technical College
700 West State Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53216
Training hours: 120 hours
Phone: (414) 297-8569

The C. Ross Educational Center’s Nurse Aide Program is a program that is highly looked upon by CNA employers. This program keeps a constant emphasis on the definition of care in their healthcare teachings.

The known program has taught many students to become CNAs. The program is more expensive than some other CNA programs, but it also has qualified and experienced teachers to back up their name. Even though they are more expensive than some other programs they are also less expensive than other CNA programs in the Milwaukee area. If you are looking for a lucrative teaching background in the CNA profession, the C. Ross Educational Center’s Nurse Aide Program is the just program for you.

• C. Ross Educational Center
7905 West Appleton Avenue, Suite 202, Milwaukee, WI, 53218
Training hours: 120 hours
Phone: (414) 438-9390

The Milwaukee, WI area has many CNA programs you can enroll yourself into at the present time, and employers will take a good look at your job application after completing one of these programs. The healthcare field is booming more year after year in the city of Milwaukee. Take your time finding the school that is right for you, learn the criteria, and enjoy your career in the healthcare field.


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